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"Getinge buys Siemens Life Support Systems" (continua)


"Getinge buys Siemens Life Support Systems"

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“Getinge buys Siemens Life Support Systems” (continua)







Siemens LSS is a division of Siemens Medical Solutions, one of the largest suppliers to the healthcare industry in the world.


Siemens LSS develops, manufactures and markets ventilators and anesthesia equipment for the hospital market.



Siemens LSS is expected to generate a sales turnover of around EUR 205 million during the current financial year, which ends on 30 September.


Siemens LSS employs around 720 people worldwide, of which around 400 work at the headquarters in Solna, Sweden, where the division's center for product development, manufacturing and marketing is also located.







Siemens LSS sells medical technology equipment to around 100 countries annually, having its own sales companies on all significant markets.


Siemens LSS, along with the German company Dräger Medical, is the global market leader for ventilation machines for the hospital market, with a market share of almost 30%.


In the anesthesiology product area LSS' market share is around 6% globally and puts the company in third place after Instrumentarium of Finland and Dräger of Germany.


Over the past few years Siemens LSS has shown sound volume growth driven by successful product launches of ventilation machines.


The operating margin for current activities is around 11%.”



Source: PCBnewsline