The Servo Story















































The Servo revolution


"Getinge buys Siemens Life Support Systems"

Forty years of innovation in ventilation

The Servo revolution

Boldly going where no other ventilator could go before

The Servo 900B – CO2 measurement comes into the mix

The 1980s – Re-setting the world's ventilation standards

An 80s favourite in every department

Servo 300 – Leaping into the age of microprocessing

Working together to be better

Accelerated research and clinical applications

Servo-i – Making waves with modularity

Ongoing clinical and technological development

New lung protective tools

NAVA – The latest standard-setter in mechanical ventilation

True synchrony – For real

What's next


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The Servo revolution


















The project was given a lot of freedom, and experimentation continued in an environment that fostered cross-institutional teamwork.


They also had financial support from a company that recognized the potential to add another technological landmark to their portfolio, which already included the ECG printer and the pacemaker.







The earliest commercial version of the Servo Ventilator: "Servo 900".






The Servo 900 was introduced at the Scandinavian Society of Anesthesiologists in June, 1971 – and immediately revolutionized intensive care ventilation.


Small, silent and featuring the famous Servo Feedback System to control gas delivery, the Servo 900 meant clinicians could now reliably achieve targeted volumes and respiratory rates for individual patients.

For the very first time, the ventilator cycle could be controlled with no effect on gas delivery due to changes in resistance or compliance.